Newworld IGA takes the lead

Vinaka vakalevu to Newworld IGA, who is doing its part to support the second year of the Ministry of Fisheries planned seasonal ban on kawakawaand donu.


“Newworld is proud to support the 4FJ movement. We believe that supporting sustainable fishing is critical for the future of this great nation and encourage everyone in Fiij to get on board and support this initiative,” said Peter Royce, the General Manager of Newworld IGA.

Newworld was one the of the early champions of the 4FJ campaign, which asked people from all walks of life, and institutions, to voluntarily pledge to forego these rapidly disappearing A-grade fish during their peak breeding months. More than 20,000 have pledged to date.

As the Ministry of Fisheries and the 4FJ campaign visited businesses last week to help prepare them for the coming ban, starting June 1, Newworld was way ahead of us. They had already informed all their 22 stories nationwide to stop buying kawakawa and donu to ensure they had no stock on June 1. 

The planned ban is form June 1 through September 30, and covers the peak breading months for kawakawa (grouper) and donu (cora trout). 

The Ministry of Fisheries last week launched the private sector outreach program to visit fish sellers in all major towns nationwide in advance of the ban. So far, more than 63 fish sellers in the Suva Nausori corridor have had visits. Fisheries officers will begin visiting sellers along the Coral Coast, as they head out West and in turn, to the Northern Division.

The Ministry of Fisheries has stated that fish shops, supermarkets, restaurants and any other fish holding sites will not be allowed to hold any stocks during the breeding season. 

Sellers have time now to get rid of these stocks. Should they have difficulties around this due to quantities currently held then they must immediately advise the Ministry of Fisheries so that suitable arrangements can be made. Anyone who fails to do so and is found with these species will be treated as non-compliant, the Ministry of Fisheries said.