have already pledged to not eat, buy or sell kawakawa or donu (grouper) June through September. Let them breed. Eat more later.

Will You Join Us?


There are specific fish we hope to boost the populations. Commonly they are called kawakawa and donu in Fiji. Learn a bit about why we need to help these fish (and our feasts) thrive.


Kawakawa and donu breed June through September across Fiji. If we let them reproduce during those months, we will have more fish next year and many years to come.


The heart of the 4FJ campaign is the people, from all walks of life, stepping up to tell the world why this fish is important to the way of life in Fiji. Here are their stories.


This campaign is made up of people who have made a sacrifice for Fiji's future. And we want to make sure they get properly recognized for doing the right thing. So here are our champions.  


This campaign is only as strong as the people who carry it forward.  Whether you want to volunteer at events, bring this story to your friends and family, or just learn more, we need your help.


The health of grouper fisheries is a concern across the Pacific and beyond. Scientists have taught us a lot about how to better manage these fish. So have local fishermen.

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